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Crystals for Manifesting with the Full moon

crystals full moon lunar manifesting manifesting techniques self care Jan 27, 2021

“The moon is earth’s oldest temple holding the potency of countless prayers since the dawn of time… a bell whose ringing brings you into the field of the Mother, where body and soul can quietly drink.”  Dana Gerhardt, Mooncircles.



Most crystal lovers know exactly when full moon comes around since its time to get your beauties out under that moon energy for cleansing, charging and general moon bathing.  Spa time for your crystals if you will!

But it's so much more than that, as are all the glorious cycles of the moon.  With each phase there are specific lunar energies to tune into and harness, creating alignment in our manifesting endeavours and lives.

Full moon is lunar energy at its peak!  The energy has been building throughout the cycle and becomes very much about completion, wholeness and power.  With a bang!  Previous new moon wishes may be coming to fruition or you may realise that they are going to take a little or a lot longer. That's ok.  Don’t lose faith.  Use the bright shining illuminating moon to take honest inventory and bring anything lurking in the shadows out into the light. Practise acceptance, take action where needed.  Even the tiniest, slowest turtle steps will get you to your goal eventually.  Pivot in a different direction if thats what your intuition, your gut feeling is pulling you towards. This is a great time to tap into your intuition and notice any signs or symbols that may be trying to show you a new path OR a red flag. 


Let it go, Elsa style...

It's also the moment to take stock of what is no longer serving you and LET IT GO!  This might be a person, a habit, a limiting belief, judgement, resentment, inaction, procrastination, a project or dream.  Toxic emotions you want to get rid of might just as easily be aimed towards yourself as others.  Ask yourself why questions, check if you’re on the right path and don’t be afraid or too proud to let something go if it's simply not doing you any favours.  Just let go with forgiveness, then count your blessings and fill the space you made with gratitude.  Forgiveness and gratitude are essential to keep your vibration high and conducive to manifesting.  Forgiving doesn’t mean condoning wrong behaviour, it means you are no longer ruled by anger and resentment, you have made peace with the situation and moved on.

DO NOT underestimate the incredible power of the lunar energy around this time.  The moon is at its fullest and you may find yourself feeling emotional or just completely drained.  The moon controls the pull and push of the ocean tide and can just as easily be affecting your emotions and energy levels.  If this is you, be kind to yourself and take it easy over this time.  Try not to judge or get frustrated just accept and honour whoever you are being, thank yourself for showing up and send yourself love.



Full moon ritual


You will need:  A pen, a sheet of paper, a lighter or candle, somewhere safe to dispose of your burning paper, where you won’t set off a fire alarm (sink, fireplace, metal pan) an amethyst crystal.


  1. Take your pen and paper and write a list of everything thats no longer serving you. 
  2. Read it aloud, outside under the moon is good but inside if thats not feasible is also fine.  Read with intention and after you’ve finished say “I now let this go”. 
  3. Burn your list (if its safe to do so!) watching as the energy is released into smoke and drawn up into the cosmos to be transformed into love.
  4. Lie down with your amethyst crystal and place it on your third eye.  Close your eyes, relax and imagine a pure purple mist emanating from it, enveloping you from head to toe in its soothing vibration.  Repeat mentally, 3 times, “I am at peace”.  Stay there for as long as you feel drawn to, bathing in that beautiful peaceful vibration, breathing it into every cell of your being.


If you can’t burn your list, you can soak it in water until it disintegrates or bury it in the earth.  I have even heard of people putting their lists in water and freezing them!

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Crystals to use around the Full Moon



A beautiful protective stone that can help to connect with intuition and open up the third eye chakra and help you interpret any information and messages being received.  Amethyst is also a highly protective, healing and soothing stone, great in helping to ease your mind.  Use it fully charged with moon energy for powerful protection from negativity, bad dreams and in your full moon ritual to release negative thoughts/emotion.



This mystical, magical stone with its flash of light within mimics the shimmering of the full moon reflection from the sun.  Labradorite is the perfect companion to the full moon energy, awakening the magic within, helping to navigate change and also useful to promote lucid/insightful dreams.  Sleep with a piece under your pillow or placed at each corner of the bed.


Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow moonstone is actually a transparent or white labradorite with the same feldspar mineral layer under its surface giving off that same wonderful flishy flashy labradorescence.  Another crystal for strengthening intuition and psychic perception, its also a great stone for dreamwork.  Sleep with it under your pillow.  Its balancing nature will help you stay in flow throughout the lunar cycle.


White Moonstone

A calming, soothing stone, balancing emotions with its gentle feminine energy.  White moonstone connects us to the energies of the moon, our own intuition and higher self. If you feel lost and unsure of your life purpose, connect with moonstone.  It will guide you subtly and intuitively and help you to hear the messages. Great for sleeping with under your pillow, worn as jewellery or carried with you close to your skin.



This beautiful loving stone encourages heartfelt forgiveness.  It helps you shift your perspective and supports you in taking action to let go of toxic feelings such as anger and resentment, making space for higher vibration feelings such as gratitude and joy.  This stone helps you to trust that forgiveness is a gift you offer to yourself. 


If you live a busy life in a town where buildings and light pollution can often block out the sight of the moon and stars, its easy to forget to look up, notice how beautiful they are and feel the absolute joy, magic and wonder vibration they create in your heart.  Make a commitment to yourself to note the moon cycles in your diary and celebrate them with whatever ritual feels good! 


Planetary scientist and stardust expert Dr Ashley King states “It is totally 100% true: nearly all the elements in the human body were made in a star and many have come through several supernovas.”


YOU are made of stardust.  Isn’t that gorgeous!


“Happy Full Moon beautiful star”.




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Hayley Jarvis is an energy lover with a passion for Reiki, Crystals and Sound healing whose mission in life is to raise her vibration so high she vibrates into joyful consciousness and swirls around the cosmos trailing stardust for all eternity.


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