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New Moon crystals and wishes to harness the rising energy of springtime

Feb 08, 2021

I feel like the moon is a very beautiful woman. She's in control.   

Ravyn Lenae.  

Written by Hayley Jarvis

The nature of new moon energy is all about renewal and new beginnings. This is the time to make new moon wishes and take full advantage of powerful lunar magic. 

It's no mistake that planting at new moon has long been practised by farmers.  And just as it's the perfect time for planting seeds, we can plant powerful intentions in alignment with our future dreams. Is there something you’ve wanted to do for a while but keep putting off or not quite found the right time for? A business project, meditation practice or course.  Perhaps there’s something you want to bring into your life… love, freedom, money, a new car, home or job?  Now is the time to dream BIG and use the momentum of this luscious lunar energy, grab some crystals, get intentional and make those new moon wishes come true.


Crystals to Use Around the New Moon


Black Moonstone

Black Moonstone is THE crystal of new moon, the circular shaped tumbles even look like a new moon. It holds her energy - new beginnings and magnified intention. This stone says “Anything’s Possible”.

A wonderful stone to connect with, exuding a gentle protective and grounding energy, infusing you with patience and calm.  It also gives off a luminescent sheen mirroring the soft glow of the moon, so beautiful.

Black moonstone also enhances clairvoyance, acceptance of psychic abilities, aids with inner journeying and lucid dreaming.


Rainbow Moonstone

A stone of wishing, hoping and new beginnings. The balancing nature of rainbow moonstone will help you stay in flow throughout the lunar cycle. It sustains and supports while promoting growth and stimulating energy.  Instilling confidence and fending off negativity, moonstone gems are a beautiful combination of gentle nurturing and fierce protectiveness.

This stone has a very strong connection to the spiritual world. Another crystal for strengthening intuition and psychic perception, its also a great stone for dreamwork.  Sleep with it under your pillow. 



The nature of copper is conductive. It opens up pathways to new possibilities, activates creative flow and amplifies whatever is flowing, growing and expanding.  Yes please!



This mystical, magical stone with its flash of light within mimics the shimmering of the moon reflection from the sun.  Labradorite is the perfect companion to new moon energy, awakening the magic within, helping you to discover the opportunity and possibilities around you, navigate change and direct the stone’s magical energy toward your intentions. 

Also useful to promote lucid/insightful dreams.  Sleep with a piece under your pillow or placed at each corner of the bed.   


Moss agate


Moss Agate is a stone of new beginnings. Stabilising and strengthening, it refreshes the soul and enables you to see beauty in everything.  Attracting abundance in all forms, improving self-esteem, encouraging trust and hope, it also inspires new ideals after periods of stagnation.  Excellent for balancing emotional, physical and intellectual energy, and harmonising the feminine and masculine yin/yang energies of the universe.


Cleansing and programming your crystals

You will need: Crystals for the new moon - choose any or all from the recommendations above or let your intuition guide you.  

  1. My preferred method to cleanse crystals is by ringing tingsha bells over them. The sound vibration cleanses them instantly.
  2. If you prefer to use herbal smoke such as sage, light them and waft the smoke over your crystals. Be careful not to set any smoke alarms off!
  3. Now take your crystals in your hands and speak to them either mentally or aloud.  Literally invite them into your energy field to connect with your vibration and tell them what you want them to help you manifest.  Thank them and feel gratitude.
  4. Another way to program them is by visualisation.  Take your crystals and hold them in your hands.  Close your eyes and think about exactly what you want to manifest.  See it in great detail, as clearly as if it was a movie playing in your mind’s eye.  Really tune into how it makes you feel.  When you’re finished, thank them and feel gratitude.
  5. Your crystals are now ready for you to use.


Tingsha Bells


New Moon Ritual

You will need:  Crystals for the new moon (recommendations below - feel free to use any or all of them or whatever else you feel drawn to), a pen and paper.  A little organza pouch, small dish, wood slice or whatever seems right to use.


  1. Cleanse and program your crystals.
  2. Write a list of wishes.  Don’t hold back.  Dream BIG…  You’ve heard the saying “shoot for the moon and land among the stars”.  Do not worry about the HOW, that is not your job.  Just dream it and write it down.  In writing it, you commit to it.
  3. Take your list outside under the moon energy if possible but if not then inside by a window is fine.  Read your wishes loud and proud.  By reading aloud you intend them.
  4. Fold your list up and place it in the organza bag, on a dish, wood slice or whatever you have decided to use.
  5. Put your crystals in the bag with your wishes, or on top of the paper in the dish or on the wood slice.
  6. Place somewhere you will see it often so you stay connected to your intentions.


Through the coming month, do notice where you are putting your attention. It’s important because where your attention goes your energy follows. Make sure you’re putting your energy where it’s serving you and keep taking baby steps towards your aspiration.


Send it forward in the direction of your dreams. Whoosh another star is made ⭐️


Happy New Moon wishing!


In the words of Mike Dooley: 

It all goes by so fast, doesn't it? 

One minute you're here, and the next... you're not. really, you've got nothing to lose, have you? Nothing! You're going make it "home" anyway. You're going be exalted, and it's going be so glorious, happy and easy. 

Then, after a careful life review, you're going to slap your hand on your celestial forehead, jump up and down with uproarious laughter, and say, "O.M.G., my thoughts really did become the things... and as EXALTED as I am here, I was there... and as easy as it is here, so could it have been there!

"I want to play again, I want to go back! This time I promise not to forget, I promise I'll believe in myself... I'll feel the love... I'll keep the faith... I will."

And, so here you are, back again...

Love you like crazy,

 The Universe” 



Hi all, I’m Hayley, an Energy Healer using Reiki,  Crystals and sound.  I am also very excited to be a part of the Manifesting Institute and Faithcraft Collaborative.


My passion is wandering the planet looking through the magic and wonder lens.  My mission is to raise my vibration so high I vibrate into joyful consciousness and swirl around the cosmos trailing stardust for all eternity.


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