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Intuition Tools

Intuition practices for Everyday Psi

Here is a sample of simple and effective tools and practices for anyone wishing to heighten and grow their intuition.  This is truly where our IF Crowd mantra comes in - 'My Sensitivity is my Strength'.  This is because when you strengthen your ability to detect and then process subtle sensory information, you create a kind of 'knowing advantage'. Here, your sensory acuity expands beyond the normal or typical range and marries what is externally sourced with what is internally thought and felt.   

In The IF Crowd, we explore a lot of ‘what if..?’ questions together to release hidden potential. We do so using creative thinking (see 'psychology tools' for examples) and deep self-inquiry methods. Combining all if these  makes for a potent and practical mastery of personal manifesting, transformation and illumination. 


Supports authentic self-expression and self-trust 
Builds confidence in decision making
Develops reliable judgment of character
 Accurate Prediction of others' intentions and behaviour 
 Accurate Prediction of events and outcomes
Enhances interconnection with other people, animals and plant-life
Enhances overall psi (psychic) function
Creates sense of unity with a much larger consciousness, source, or god. 
Supports spiritual 'waking up' process

✨Let's explore my top intuition tools✨

Dream Diaries

Journalling to decode symbolic information for insight.


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Why your dreams may indeed come true

Dreams are very real. They may not be 'here' in the material, physical world but they do indeed exist - and all of human invention, art and science was begun in the imaginations and dreams of a dreamer. Being sensitively aligned with dreams creates an incredibly valuable and accessible resource.

What are dreams?

They are 'experiential contents' of the mind and body, made in a peculiar state of consciousness - an in-between, liminal (threshold) place of potential. They are often loaded with potent symbolism too.

Your dreams are often layered with meaning, encoded in a psychical language of metaphor and symbolism, often relating to archetypes and mythologies too. Paying attention to the contents of your dreams and how you feel about them offers deep insight in to your own unconscious mind and also, the ‘collective unconscious’ too. As such, dreams often provide us with wisdom about our personal and collective states of being. Furthermore, as the dreamworld is unhindered by our waking assumptions of space and time, dream contents often provide pre-cognitive and remote information that otherwise we might not witness in our waking states.

 "Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes."
Carl Jung

The language and messages of dreams are very personal and fluid, so keeping a diary to reflect upon is key to spotting patterns, themes and recurring symbols. Dreams fade quickly as the day passes, to writing and doodling all you can as soon as you can is key to the successful dream diarist.

Members have access to downloadable (and printable) pdfs, and use a new one for each week :) or simply use your own journal or notepad - or ideally, one of the ones with our designs and prompts ;P 


Practice to develop mind-body awareness


A little introduction to using pendulums!

There are lots of ways to use pendulums and it's a personal and 'idiosyncratic' method of inquiry. The video shows how to use them, as an example, but you need to experiment for yourself and find out your relationship with them - just like you do with L-rods, cards, 'human pendulum', muscle testing and any other physical tool or embodied practice you might like to use. 

Remember... your intuition is from within YOU. The swinging of the pendulum is made by tiny imperceptible movements coming from you - your mind-body - thus the swing of the pendulum acts like a visual amplifier for what you already intuit within. The pendulum is not an external force telling you what to think, it simply allows you to see on the outside, what you perceive deep down on the inside. Make sure, as with all divination style  tools, your intention and attention are set for clarity, simplicity and trust.

Zener Cards

👁️ Video contains an ESP test. Read the instructions before you watch! 👁️


Instructions for before you watch the video!

What is this test?

  • This is a very simple Zener card test. A classic 'ESP' or Psi experiment made famous by the renowned parapsychologist J. B. Rhine. It has been featured in films and media e.g. Ghostbusters. It is simple and reliable for personal use, as long as your cards are well constructed and not transparent in the light, dented, dog-eared or marked - as these might subtly reveal their content to you. If you don't have Zener cards to hand, you can use a simple selection of playing cards utilising their different suits although the signs on Zener cards are deliberately simplified and made sufficiently different from one another to help in reliability. You can buy a pack easily online.
  • This video contains 5 trials. They are each approx 30 seconds long with 3 seconds in between each for you to 'refresh' your mind.
  • Each trial features the same 5 cards, but randomly laid out in a spread.
  • A single matching card (target) has been pre-selected for each spread.
  • This means that only one of the cards featured before you, will be matched.
  • Your task is to identify by 'means beyond the usual senses', which card was pre-selected as the target. 

Some tips:

  • Don't 'try' to get it right, instead allow a guess to occur spontaneously.
  • Notice what you feel and where in the body you feel it.
  • Notice any imagery or sounds you experience in your mind.
  • Don't judge yourself or the cards in the moment. Try to be like a child, simply open to experience.

Interesting Science-y notes:

  • There is a 1/5 chance on each of getting it right, on each trial, by chance alone.
  • Guessing correctly is regarded as a 'hit' and otherwise it's a 'miss'.
  • Getting hits doesn't necessarily 'prove' you are psychic. 
  • Getting a miss is not the same as getting it 'wrong'. Missing the target can be just as informative as hitting it! Look for consistency of your experience.
  • Some people actually get it wrong more often than by chance! Like an inverse effect of getting it right more often - this is just as strange and interesting!
  • Remember, this is not a 100% bullet-proof scientific test and there are always debates about the methodology of any kind of test.
  • However, because it is simple and pre-recorded, we have eliminated the possibility of my influencing your choice by accident.
  • The cards have been randomised by hand and this helps to eliminate any bias you might have for certain shapes!
  • So.. it's as good as it can be for here.

Sign up for The IF Crowd and tell me how you get on :) We explore so much more like this in our membership sessions.

Record your hits and misses in order to genuinely collect data for your own development! Record them like this example:

Trial 1:  hit
Trial 2:  miss
Trial 3:  miss
Trial 4:  miss
Trial 5:  hit

Aim to do this on a regular basis, with randomised cards each time and build up your scores. Notice what your experience - e.g. do you feel anything particular in the trials when you get it right?


 Inside The IF Crowd, we explore all this and many other intuition, psychology and metaphysical tools and techniques. We do whilst addressing our individual challenges, needs and desires for what we want to manifest in our lives.

This approach supports the 'waking up' process and your own advanced personal development. 

There is even a dedicated 'psi-curious' course inside - designed for identifying your personal psychic style.


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✨Intuition Self-Care Tip✨

A little DIY chakra reading


Use a pendulum to dowse your body. Either by holding it over your chakra points, organs or body parts (as best you can) or, by drawing a diagram of your body first and dowsing this as a representation. 

Ask your intuition to guide you to where your body needs some TLC today, then ask yes/no questions to feel your way to a nurturing activity. Then... be sure to act on it! 

Below is a very brief and speeded up demonstration of the process. Enjoy! Be kind to yourself  ❤️



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