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An anxious mind is a living mind...


It is not only a brain that thinks (and overthinks), it is also the echoing voice of a heart that truly cares.

What if... Anxiety can be transmuted into a force of extraordinary personal power?

What if... Anxiety has been secretly training you to become an amazing manifestor?

What if... You could accept yourself right now, exactly as you are, and start creating the life you truly want?

What would you do next?

Learning to listen to those inner experiences we call ‘Anxiety’ gives us clarity on who we really are and guides us to grow far beyond the illusory limitations of fear, illness and exhaustion.

With IF, we can actually choose joy, health and creativity using the hidden skills Anxiety has granted us.

IF is a theory and practice designed to guide those who experience Anxiety, not to simply ‘cope’ and ‘manage' but to absolutely embrace an opportunity to transcend their experience in an empowering journey toward personal enlightenment.

See below to get it now for the special price of £14.99 direct from Kirsty :)

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What IF... you could use that mighty imagination of yours to manifest the life you really DO want?

(instead of one you don't?)


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