Hi. I'm Kirsty Lucinda Allan

Author of IF and instigator of The IF Crowd, I'm your personal transformation guide. My mission is to see you forge your own unique path, 'find your light' and lead YOUR way. 

I'm here to guide and share insight with you as you explore the deeper and expansive meaning and purpose of who you really are.

This is a space I've intentionally created to share my style of 'practical metaphysics' - that is, the science and art of manifestation and transformation - which leads to personal illumination.

My own adventures have evolved through exactly this process, always asking 'What if...?' so as to continually expand and grow in both person and potential.

My portfolio of personal achievement attests to this: I am a successful arts leader, considered to be a genuine cultural change-maker. I am also a post-graduate psychologist, advanced therapist, healer, 'modern mystic', explorer of ancient wisdom, scholar of cutting-edge philosophy and psi (psychic phenomena) researcher/ experiencer. I'm well experienced and equipped to be your guide and conscious friend along the road.

‘Illumination is my middle name’!

My superpower is in illuminating beauty and brilliance in others - and the inherent potential we have to truly Create and nurture our best, most happy, purposeful, meaningful lives.

I live openly and joyfully in the avant-garden of life, charmed by curiosity,  always exploring new ground and then holding that space for others to grow. 

Join me in the transformational tribe today to begin a new direction in your life. 

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"You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have."

Maya Angelou



Email: [email protected]