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You already possess within you, all you need to truly 'wake up' and discover who you REALLY are?

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The IF Crowd

The IF Crowd is the transformational tribe for those who think and feel deeply. It is an ongoing perennial membership with live workshops, group coaching, meditations and more to guide you in truly 'waking up'.

Membership also grants access to our ever-growing range of individual courses - a unique collection designed to catalyse and support incredible change in your life. 

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The IF Book

What if... you already have all the abilities to manifest the life you DO want? What if you could transform all that intense energy of worry in to creative will?
You absolutely can.

Learning to hear and understand those inner experiences we dismiss as ‘Anxiety’, gives us incredible clarity on who we REALLY are - and guides us to truly transform.

What if you could grow far beyond your most beautiful imagination?

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"A human being is part of a whole called by us 'Universe.'"

- Albert Einstein

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The art and science of manifesting from within begins with your intuition. The IF Crowd is the transformational tribe for those with a curious mind and open heart - for those who think and feel deeply. For those who live to grow. This is the place for creative leaders, social change-makers and cosmic adventurers to belong - a little portal in time and space you can call home, on your own inspirational terms.


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