What IF...

Your Sensitivity is your STRENGTH?

What if... being sensitive brings a suite of (often hidden) depth talents? An ability to feel, sense, 'just know' things and meaningfully influence the world and others, through a kind of natural, innate magic? 

What if... you can cultivate and leverage the HSP gifts (creativity, intuition, empathy, memory, self-awareness, extra sensory perception and more), to step into extraordinary purpose?

What if... there is 12 week programme to empower you, enrolling for a new October cohort? 


...to The IF Crowd
'the transformational tribe for those who think and feel deeply'

This is the upbeat personal development club specially curated for highly sensitive, aspirational people who want to fully thrive in their life purpose. For those who wonder... 'what if...?'

Our members are alternative thinkers, creative mavericks, holistic healers, empathic influencers, career carers, social changemakers, ethical entrepreneurs - and are here to honour and leverage their natural talents.

It's... higher consciousness for the highly sensitive¬†‚ČĹ^‚ÄĘ‚©ä‚ÄĘ^‚Čľ ¬†


This is our 'why':

The world is shifting out of an unfeeling, outdated patriarchal era and into a new era of deep interconnection where sensitivity is key.

We are moving toward inclusion and integration with empathy and intuitive communication at the core. Can you imagine your values, passion, dreams at the forefront of change? 

What if sensitives are becoming the new decision makers? Can you envision your impact for good? 

Yes? Then this is your time to rise chick!¬†ūüėĹ

What IF...

...all those daily worries and doubts, the ‚Äėwhat ifs‚Ķ‚Äô (e.g.,¬†‚Äėwhat if I‚Äôm not good enough?, what if I don‚Äôt fit in?‚Äô) are paradoxical? What if they are¬†scintillations of¬†a much bigger, bolder question?¬†

‚ÄėWhat if I am more than all this?

'What if my purpose is bigger than all this…?’

What if you can drop all the little ???Qs??? and turn around to look to the BIG one behind you? What if in doing so, you turn your whole experience around?

Anxiety for sensitive people is often a symptom of the existential lack we have in modern society. The reason you don't feel you belong or are 'good enough' is because quite simply, the context you are operating in, simply isn't enough. You need more. You are more.


Why this is important:

Before we can seriously leverage the gifts, with intention, we need to acknowledge the challenges. Turning anxiety and self-doubt  inside out, is often the start point of our work: we address these challenges of sensitivity to resolve them, not 'manage' them. This is because managing something is a laborious effort that keeps a perpetual status quo. Why would you want this when you can use your energies for what you actually do deeply desire? The status quo is not - and never has been - deep enough. So... instead of 'managing' challenges, we embrace them - because we know how to transform them. Magic, right?

For example... What if all those worries of yours are actually a goldmine of information about who you really are - and therefore, who you will likely become? What if you can begin to see and harness a hidden 'personal paradox'?

You see, as a sensitive person you have an extraordinary depth of sensing and feeling about certain things, which hints at a corresponding height of agency - your potential to act, to create, to win, to do. 

So, what if... you can leverage this innate depth of self-awareness and perception to do real Good, make real change, ignite real magic in this world? Would you do it?

What is your intuition saying?

The 12 Week Programme

The IF Crowd is for those sensitive people who glimpse a reality much larger than is known by most. Context and structure are important to exploring this successfully. As such, we have launched a 12 week programme to help focus and empower people through active engagement where they each make real projects happen. We recommend this to all who desire deep interconnection with that larger reality. It is for those who desire to live a full life of beautiful conscious manifestation, transformation and personal illumination. To embrace the full potential of their psyche and it's capacities

Learn More

Would you like to join us?

We are all about personal and collective growth from a standpoint of sensitivity. 

How to become a member

It's simple. When you take up coaching with us, you become one of us.
We belong in The IF Crowd :)

This is via our 12 Week Programme (group coaching) or if you prefer to start solo, through one-to-one sessions.
Contact us here to discuss your coaching options:

What you get as a member

It's so much more than you might expect. Once you take up coaching (either private one-to-one sessions or, by joining the 12 Week Programme) you will also have the perennial membership and this includes:

  • invitations¬†to regular live¬†workshops, meditations and such online
  • 24/7 access to the learning portal full of well-being and materials
  • a community of¬†professional and peer support (over email, FB group, group-chat and more)
  • invitation to in-person events - including a retreat planned for 2025
  • Inclusion on the IF Crowd professional directory to advertise your products /services /projects.¬†

Opt in and out as you like. Choose from the array of live webinars, group coaching and discussions, self-study materials, special topic courses, imagination journeys, meditations, healing  visualisations. As much or as little as you like.

This is all to guide your success in manifesting  (literally: creating, bringing into being) the life and impact you authentically desire. To manifest your deepest passion projects in your career, wellbeing, relationships and personal spirituality. 

Self-Study Portal

24/7 access to the online self-study materials, full of fascinating insights, tips and self-inquiry tools to guide your personal expansion and support your well-being. Experience online or download audio and workbooks too.

Live Events

Join live or catch the replays of experiential group workshops, meditations, webinars, creative play, networking and open-coaching sessions. Explore these powerful and upbeat, self-inquiry and expansion activities.  

Personal Support

Meet new friends, network for your projects and career, swap ideas and skills, celebrate and enjoy each other's wins in the safe container of the private 'members only' social media group and chat systems.

The IF Crowd   is different...

Our members tend to identify as highly sensitive persons (HSPs). What this means is that we deeply process sensory and emotional information (via the "known senses" and more...) and have a corresponding need to cultivate deeply meaningful lives. 

We tend to be rather bright, creative, open and endlessly curious people yet also self-doubting, self-critical, easily hurt, frazzled or overwhelmed. This can mean finding your personal and professional tribe is tricky and few online groups offer enough 'depth' that will satisfy. You may have tried various self-help, manifesting, transformation and 'awakening' methods - and not found the progress you are capable of.

Why? Because it is likely those offerings were just not sophisticated enough to support the deep processing style that you have. This isn't pretence or an appeal to your ego, this is how we are wired.

You see, we learn, grow and 'know' by feeling knowledge deeply as well as understanding it intellectually. We also perceive vast interconnection and possibility that most others overlook or simply miss, because we process faster, deeper and in multi-dimensional layers of meaning. So... here in The IF Crowd we work in a way that actually suits your nature because the material is designed specifically for the depth of processing you require. We know, we get it :)

Go deep or go home, right?

"too sensitive?"

Heard this one too many times?

If you are done with¬†such¬†utterly¬†misguided (and unsolicited) advice from rather¬†insensitive, unaware others (e.g. that you are just 'too sensitive', that you ought to¬†'toughen up', 'get a thick skin'... ūüôĄ), then relax -¬†you may be one of the 20% of humans who have an innate, natural-born trait of 'high sensitivity' and it's not¬†a problem. Not at all... Far from it.

Think of it like this... there is no scientific instrument invented that is 'too sensitive' (i.e. 'too powerful', 'too accurate'). Rather, there may be a lack of awareness on processing power, direction, dimension and interpretation. Especially of subtly detailed, nuanced information. You have a kind of radar, an antennae, an awareness-capacity that most people don't. 

Are you curious?

This your home of self-empowerment. Here your high empathy, your acute intuition, your depth and brilliance is supported and celebrated. So here, in this membership club, you can embrace your innate nature as a suite of advantages - a sensitivity to subtle information that most don't even know is there. This can empower you to see, know and do in life, far beyond the norm.

'Transformation, Manifestation, Illumination' 

This is our cyclical process (you can think of it as a trippy triangle like this one or a nice comfy circle or whatever geometry you like. It's all good).

Becoming a member will guide you to understand, celebrate and leverage your sensitive nature as a gift - an asset to this cycle - including the challenges it brings. We do this by applying psychospiritual insights, tools and techniques with peer support and deep conversation. All to 'grow with the flow'... 


What if your 'problems' are actually unrecognised (and stuck) depth processes?

We offer a uniquely positive approach: a blend of cutting-edge psychology,  consciousness research and Western mystery philosophy. This means we nurture personal development and wellbeing through a balance of evidence-based science, therapeutic coaching and 'practical metaphysics' (yep.. the esoteric arts!). We understand the creative power of asking 'what if...?' 

Let's take a deeper look...


What if... an anxious mind is the echo of a heart that deeply cares? What if it's not 'all in your head'? Rather, it's a full body, full being experience, full of uncanny wisdom?

Transform anxiety and self doubt into a living source of creative will, aka your 'manifesting mojo' :D. Learn how to understand, appreciate and harness all that raw, naked powerful energy that flows through you. This involves expansion of mind-body awareness and discernment of your already heightened senses and intuitive talents.

Rather than 'manage' anxiety forever, process it as a resource of powerful fuel for clarity of life-purpose. It's not necessarily the 'problem' you've been told it is. For us, it's one side of a very valuable coin of insight.



What if... that subtle sense you have about a delicate interplay between consciousness and reality, is accurate? That you do actually 'just know' things sometimes? What if your dreams can indeed be oracular and synchronicity is genuine guidance? What if you really do perceive information others generally don't?

Cultivate your acute awareness and intuition; develop your natural psi (psychic) capacities. They are one of the major benefits of high sensitivity - your innate gift to see, know and affect change in the subtle realms.

You can manifest (create) through consciousness, in an intentional act of making real, of bringing about those opportunities and experiences you crave in life. You can weave magic as you channel your talents, values and desires in to creative projects and careers - to live your purposeful 'best life', in reality.



What if... all this goes even deeper? All this deep feeling, thinking, sensing is evidence of the deeper interconnectedness of all things? What if you could let go of self-doubt, step out of your shadow and see the fuller, big, cosmic picture?

Become self-empowered and forge your own unique path in the world. Be a light-bearer for others as you illuminate that new pathway from a source within. Be the the healer, leader, change-maker you know you are because the world needs sensitivity and compassion above all else. 

True leadership comes from those who are willing to step ahead because of their uncertainties, because of their curiosity, compassion, their desire for (re)connection to source. You see, true strength is born from sensitivity.

Ok so... who is talking right now? 

Hey it's me!


(the blurry human)¬† ‚ěĚ

I’m here to illuminate the beauty and brilliance in you.

As a consciousness explorer, educator, HSP coach and guide, my mission is pretty simple here: to hold a safe and nurturing space for you to raise your awareness of your own (probably overlooked) potential - and do something great with it. 

Academically, I am a post-graduate research psychologist with specialisms in psi (aka 'psychic') phenomena, high sensitivity and well-being. I am also a scholar of Western mystery teachings. I also do a lot of creative and interesting things (see logos below) and am a wife, mum and cat servant too.

As a highly sensitive person with a successful portfolio career involving real social change-making, I offer a unique blend of insight that is practical for real 21st century life - and celebrates your sensitivities as the powerful, ancient, intuitive strengths they really are.

Based on my own lived experience, professional trainings and research, I'm here to support you too - to transmute the raw energy of your anxiety, trust and leverage your intuition and channel it all to create your purposeful best life as you light up a personal path in the world.

note: Maude is the cat in this picture - who is also the boss btw. That's why she is front, centre and un-blurred. 

You are welcome to email me with any queries anytime on: [email protected]

Who is this intended for?

The IF Crowd is intentionally designed and curated for:

  • those seeking to transform their anxieties, blocks, limiting beliefs and self-doubt into creative, manifesting will (rather than perpetually 'manage' them).
  • those who are ready to align wellbeing, relationships, career and personal spirituality - without compromise on their sensitive natures.
  • those who are ready to leverage that wealth of emotional and mental energy, for progress.
  • those who are intrigued by the intrinsic beauty and metaphysical qualities of nature.
  • those with a curious mind and open heart.
  • those who who feel an inner-drive, to aspire, lead, create meaningful change in the world.
  • those who sense the deeper interconnectedness of life and therefore, appreciate the vast potential in positively asking... 'what if..?'

...and what is it not?

Although therapeutic, this is not intended as individual nor group therapy (or counselling) in itself. It may be complementary to a recovery plan, so please refer to your mental health professional if you have any concern.

Healthy, rational debate is always welcome (It's great exchange!) however, this is not a space for naysaying, negging nor dogmas of any kind. This is a positive space for growth.

This is not suitable for anyone expecting real life outcomes from just 'wishing' them in to existence. Members embrace real world understanding, active decision-making and self-development work.

Immodesty Blaize

"Kirsty‚Äôs depth and versatility of experience makes working with her insightful and really fun. She creates a supportive space and has a knack of being able to connect many perspectives and potentials in the ‚Äėbig picture‚Äô, which for creatives can be a headache when we‚Äôre too close to our work. That gift of clarity is a significant one for people working in a career based in self expression, and I‚Äôd highly recommend Kirsty."

Katie Franklin

"Kirsty is a person who makes you see the world from points of view you've never even considered. She asks subtle, self-reflective questions in a surreptitious way that allows you to search within yourself for answers that are bursting to come forward but haven’t ever been given the right nudge up until that point. Without meeting Kirsty I would not have been exposed to the vast amount of creative nourishment I never even knew I needed at the time. Through conversations with Kirsty I have explored many new concepts, arts and philosophies. I have been inspired to read new genres of books I didn’t even know I would enjoy. I have been places and met people who are utterly amazing and I never even knew they existed. Not every conversation is easy with Kirsty, as I said, she makes you search within yourself and that can sometimes be incredibly difficult to face your own truth head on. But by enabling yourself to go through this and explore your own world within, you discover a beautiful internal landscape. I will always be eternally grateful to Kirsty for coming into my life and teaching me such a lot. Not just about art, culture and philosophy, but about my own soul. She is unlike anyone I have ever met before and I am unlikely to meet anyone like her again."

Kieron O'Toole

"I've known and worked with Kirsty for many years. She's built successful creative businesses, inspired cultural change at a national level, promoted transformational well-being, mentored, published... and all while living a rich life, centred on compassion, inquiry, purpose and holding on to a light heart. For my part, I’ve gained insights into motivation and creative courage for business and team building. And Kirsty’s grounding in practical change can involve extraordinary reframing of perspective. Just ask her about thought leadership and 'Messiah 4.0'!"

Sylvia Hunt

"I really enjoy being part of the IF Crowd. Kirsty made this group a really safe space for people to share their experiences of their manifesting journey. I love that there are small group opportunities and we have time to get to know one another and really share. There is a lovely feeling of mutual support which I wasn’t expecting from an online group. Kirsty has a wonderful way of explaining in-depth psychological concepts so that everyone is on the same page and equally can feel comfortable to ask questions - particularly 'how does this relate to me?' and 'what I’m going through now?'.
There is a nice balance in the delivery in that sometimes we are quietly reflecting, meditating, drawing/journaling or sharing back, so the sessions always shoot by! I would absolutely recommend this group to anyone who feels stuck and like they aren’t moving forwards. It’s hard if you can’t see the wood for the trees and sometimes you need some help to stop, take stock and feel part of a tribe, which is exactly what IF Crowd has done for me."

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