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✨Manifestation, Transformation, Illumination✨ 

Welcome to The IF Crowd - the transformational tribe for those who think and feel deeply.

The IF Crowd is an upbeat personal development membership for sensitive, aspirational people who want to thrive in life - whilst honouring their depth of being. We take a creative approach to the journey using a blend of cutting-edge psychology, philosophy, creative thinking and intuitive self-inquiry. 

Becoming a member will support you to practically apply extraordinary transformative tools, insights and techniques to leverage your sensitive nature as a gift. You will learn how to transform anxiety in to creative will (rather than cope or 'manage' it) as you also uncover, celebrate and develop your unique capacities so that you become the confident creative director of your best, most beautiful life. 

Members engage holistically fostering direct felt experience in complement to  intellectual understanding. This leads to enhanced self-awareness and intuition, meaningful personal insights and therapeutic resolution. In turn, this leads to new and powerful decision making, enhanced interconnection, self-worth - and therefore, true growth. Choose from an array of live webinars, group coaching and discussions, self-study materials, special topic courses, imagination journeys, meditations and healing visualisations. All to guide your success in manifesting your passion projects, career, wellbeing, relationships and personal spirituality - in a way that actually suits you. 

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What if...

                    your depth of sensing, feeling and thinking reflects a corresponding height of potential?

...Where would you go next?

Well, if this is speaking to you... Welcome home.

This is your online space for leveraging that sensitivity as an asset - a strength - toward self-actualisation. We work in an integrated style embracing both our dreams and our shadows as the gold-mines of information they actually are. We do so because we know how to inquire within and then how to relate to our larger reality. We know how to identify and transmute our emotional energy into potential energy - and then act from a place of authenticity. Thus, we are co-creating what we truly, deeply desire in life - while also knowing that it is good. Our projects become our missions, our purpose, our way of being.

In essence, we are self-explorers, here to 'raise our vibe' and expand who we are, from who and what we already are. We are always looking to the stars, asking… what if? 

Will you join us today?

What makes The IF Crowd so different?

Members are often highly sensitive persons (HSPs), creatives, alternative thinkers, holistic healers, empaths, community change makers, teachers and leaders, ethical entrepreneurs and artistic mavericks. Maybe even all of these :)

What we all have in common is how we deeply process our experiences of life, and, our corresponding desires to cultivate deeply meaningful lives. 

If this rings true for you, you may have tried various self-help, manifesting, transformation and 'awakening' methods - and not found the progress you are capable of. Why? Because it is likely those offerings were just not sophisticated enough to support the deep processing style that you have.

We get it. Like us, you need to 'feel' the knowledge to know it - not just 'learn' it. You need the detail, the nuance, the underpinning rationale of 'how' it works, the direct wisdom, the felt experience.

Go deep or go home, right?! :P 

Ready to grow with the flow?

Are you a fellow deep thinker? With heightened emotional and maybe physical sensitivities too?  

Are you fed up being told you are 'too sensitive'? That you are always 'overthinking it'? 🙄 That you 'should toughen up'? We say nuts to that nonsense.

Your sensitivity is your Strength.

You know this.  We know this. 'They' might not... but hey, that's their lack - not yours. Honestly, we get it, deeply.

The majority of society tells us we are 'mistaken' or have a problem. In a way, we do... the problem is in not colluding with an insensitive society. For example, there is an empathy void in the world where the highly empathic person feels alone. Ironic, right?

You are already whole.

Do you often wonder why you just feel so much? It can seem like you are drop of water lost in a vast sea; and that if you go deeply into the waters of possibility you aren't sure how you will swim back to the shore of normality - nor if you truly want to? And at the same time you keep wondering ... how far could that ocean really take me?  Well, what if...  indeed, you are that drop of water - and also that ocean too. Shore, drop, full depth and all. What if boundaries were simply not an issue?

Do you also keep hearing the expression 'waking up' - used (and totally overused) so are wondering what it really means, especially for you as someone with an already heightened awareness? Also, just how many levels of awakening can there be? 

You have Other ways of knowing...

Does your intuition spark up with insight only for your logic to snuff out the light before it can shine on anything?

Do you long to shed that tight old skin that clings to familiarity and expectation, for authentic personal transformation? To be free to move toward your purpose, your own 'light' of personal illumination?

Have you spent much of your life so far explaining and justifying yourself? Like there is this outside pressure keeping you contained in a self that no-longer fits?

Have you tried all the clubs, groups, trends and pathways and yet found that no matter how open-minded and willing you are, you just never quite fit-in and, that what's on offer honestly doesn't satisfy the depth of your inquiring mind?

Well, you have now found your tribe.

Join The IF Crowd

Who is this for?

This membership is intentionally designed and curated for:

  • those seeking to transform their anxieties, blocks, limiting beliefs and self-doubt into creative, manifesting will (rather than perpetually  'manage'  them).
  • those who are ready to align wellbeing, relationships, career and personal spirituality - without compromise on their sensitive natures.
  • those who are ready to leverage that wealth of emotional and mental energy, for progress.
  • those who are intrigued by the intrinsic beauty and metaphysical qualities of nature.
  • those with a curious mind and open heart.
  • those who who feel  an inner-drive, to aspire, lead, create meaningful  change in the world.
  • those who sense the deeper  interconnectedness of life and therefore, appreciate the vast potential in positively asking... 'what if..?'

...and what is it not?

  • Although therapeutic, this is not intended as individual nor group therapy (or counselling) in itself. It may be complementary to a recovery plan, so please refer to your metal health professional if you have any concern. 
  • Healthy, rational debate is always welcome (It's great exchange!) however, this is not a space for naysaying, negging nor dogmas of any kind. This is a positive space for growth.
  • This is not suitable for anyone expecting real life outcomes from just 'wishing' them in to existence. Members embrace real world understanding, active decision-making and self-development work. 

It is Our time to rise...

The world is changing rapidly toward increasing inclusion, integration and communication. We are shifting out of the unfeeling, outdated patriarchal era  and into the new world of interconnection - where sensitivity is key. Can you imagine your values, your passion, your dreams at the forefront of change? Can you imagine the impact for good? Then this is your time. 

In essence, this a special place of practical, real-life manifestation, transformation and personal illumination - designed for those who can (and want to) live deeply in the 21st century, with purpose. 😽

👀 You get all this... and more 👀

What you get...

Regular live events online plus 24/7 access to the learning portal. Members get everything listed plus a bonus welcome gift :)

What IF...Workshops


Regular experiential group workshops. Held online to explore powerful and upbeat, illuminating self-inquiry and expansion activities.  

Guided Meditations

Join our live mindfulness, imaginal journeying and deep relaxation guided sessions to discover wisdom within and expansion beyond your Self.

Open Coaching


Drop in to these relaxed (non topic specific) lunchtime chats where you can pose your own questions, share what's on your mind, give and receive feedback. 

Healing Circle


Relax, let go, give healing, receive healing in our regular, informal online circle where we learn and practice energetic techniques.

Self-Study Portal


24/7 access to explore at your own pace, with the online self-study materials, full of fascinating insights, tips and self-inquiry tools to guide your personal expansion. 


24/7 access to this dedicated area exploring intuition with activities such as psychometry, card reading, dowsing and more. Practice with friends in the community too.

Catalyst Courses


24/7 access to all our special interest courses and guest webinars. Ignite new passions and grow your perspective by trying something different.



Meet new sensitive friends, network, swap ideas, celebrate and enjoy interpreting each other's dreams and drawings in the safe container of the private 'members only' Facebook group.

That's right kitty... so much support to chose... as you purrlease!

Membership is just £37 per month on a rolling basis (which you can cancel any time).

✨ Your Welcome Gift! ✨ 

(The IF book is where it all began!)

As soon as you join The IF Crowd, you will also receive your ebook copy of IF (the book where it all began...), in your inbox, so you can get reading right away. It is an upbeat, life-changing (and pleasantly easy) read full of cute and meaningful cartoons and diagrams for you to screengrab and save as handy reminders to make good creative choices. There are incredible insights and exercises that will kickstart your personal transformation by showing you how to turn your worries and self-doubt directly in to creative potential.

Learning to hear and understand those inner experiences we dismiss as ‘Anxiety’, gives us incredible clarity on who we REALLY are - and guides us to transform from within.

What if... you could actively create the life you really do want, and start doing so right now?

(psst... you absolutely can!)

Join and get the ebook now!

✨ Meet Your Guide ✨ 

(the bit about who I am... and what I'm doing here)

Hello! I'm Kirsty.

Author of IF and founding member of The IF Crowd, I am your unorthodox personal development guide.

My mission is to illuminate beauty and brilliance in you. To see you explore and grow from the deeper, expansive reality of who you really are. To unveil the inherent potential you have to create your most happy, purposeful, meaningful life.

As a highly sensitive person and creative thinker with a knack for upbeat communication, I have intentionally created this space to curate the mos useful research, best tried and tested materials, share my own insights, professional experience and research and with you. To de-mystify the psychology and to bridge the gap between the science and spirituality of what it is to be a deep thinking, feeling human being.

✨ ‘Illumination is my middle name’ ✨

('s 'Lucinda' which means 'bearer of light'... and I love puns 😉)

My portfolio of experience and accolades attests to my 40 years of curiosity, always deeply asking 'What if...?'

  • I am a psychology scholar with specialism in consciousness studies, transpersonal and parapsychology. The letters after my already pun-tastic name go... Kirsty Lucinda Allan, PG. Cert, PG. Cert, PG. Dip, BSc. (Hons), MBPs(or something like that)
  • I am also currently running labortaory PhD research on the processes of psychic abilities (we call it 'psi phenomena'  e.g. extra-sensory perception and psychokinesis). Really! 
  • Also, I am certified and experienced in low-intensity mental health interventions for the UK public sector
  • ... with complementary lineage as a Sekhem energy-healing master.
  • In my twenties I was a highly successful international headlining performance artist, arts leader  considered to have made cultural change at a national level - as a key influencer of the burlesque renaissance.  I am still an arts promoter and diversity ally.
  • Something of a 'modern mystic' I actively explore altered states of consciousness through (non-pharmacological)  techniques - and am a life-long experiencer of 'exceptional human experience'. 

I live openly and abundantly in the avant-garden of life, charmed by curiosity, exploring new ground and holding that space for others to grow.

Will you join me?

I've widely featured as a thinker, writer, artist, speaker and general maker of change:

Membership is just £37 per month on a rolling basis (which you can cancel any time).

✨ Testimonials ✨

"Kirsty’s depth and versatility of experience makes working with her insightful and really fun. She creates a supportive space and has a knack of being able to connect many perspectives and potentials in the ‘big picture’, which for creatives can be a headache when we’re too close to our work. That gift of clarity is a significant one for people working in a career based in self expression, and I’d highly recommend Kirsty."

Immodesty Blaize
Celebrity Showgirl, Author & Mentor

"Kirsty is a person who makes you see the world from points of view you've never even considered. She asks subtle, self-reflective questions in a surreptitious way that allows you to search within yourself for answers that are bursting to come forward but haven’t ever been given the right nudge up until that point. Without meeting Kirsty I would not have been exposed to the vast amount of creative nourishment I never even knew I needed at the time. Through conversations with Kirsty I have explored many new concepts, arts and philosophies. I have been inspired to read new genres of books I didn’t even know I would enjoy. I have been places and met people who are utterly amazing and I never even knew they existed. Not every conversation is easy with Kirsty, as I said, she makes you search within yourself and that can sometimes be incredibly difficult to face your own truth head on. But by enabling yourself to go through this and explore your own world within, you discover a beautiful internal landscape. I will always be eternally grateful to Kirsty for coming into my life and teaching me such a lot. Not just about art, culture and philosophy, but about my own soul. She is unlike anyone I have ever met before and I am unlikely to meet anyone like her again."

Katie Franklin
Art Photographer

"I've known and worked with Kirsty for many years. She's built successful creative businesses, inspired cultural change at a national level, promoted transformational well-being, mentored, published... and all while living a rich life, centred on compassion, inquiry, purpose and holding on to a light heart. For my part, I’ve gained insights into motivation and creative courage for business and team building. And Kirsty’s grounding in practical change can involve extraordinary reframing of perspective. Just ask her about thought leadership and 'Messiah 4.0'!"

Kieron O'Toole
Business Consultant

"Kirsty is multi-talented and very knowledgeable. Her easy and thoughtful way is very encouraging. I gained many skills from her. Very reliable and quick to respond in a non judgemental fashion. A forward thinking and progressive individual. Her ideas are numerous and come quickly, truly inspiring. I am extremely grateful for the kind way in which Kirsty helped me improve my trans identity. Diligent and committed are words that spring to mind, with maturity of someone much older. Kirsty helped me gain direction and focus on my future self employment. Thank you Kirsty! x"

Julie Flora

"I really enjoy being part of the IF Crowd. Kirsty made this group a really safe space for people to share their experiences of their manifesting journey. I love that there are small group opportunities and we have time to get to know one another and really share. There is a lovely feeling of mutual support which I wasn’t expecting from an online group. Kirsty has a wonderful way of explaining in-depth psychological concepts so that everyone is on the same page and equally can feel comfortable to ask questions - particularly 'how does this relate to me?' and 'what I’m going through now?'. There is a nice balance in the delivery in that sometimes we are quietly reflecting, meditating, drawing/journaling or sharing back, so the sessions always shoot by! I would absolutely recommend this group to anyone who feels stuck and like they aren’t moving forwards. It’s hard if you can’t see the wood for the trees and sometimes you need some help to stop, take stock and feel part of a tribe, which is exactly what IF Crowd has done for me."

Sylvia Hunt
Performer & Teacher

"The post for joining the IF Crowd resonated with me because I felt I was indeed stuck. I have kept my vibrations high with affirmations, gratitudes, essential oils, crystals and kindness etc but didn't feel I was attracting abundance. It didn't know what a paradox was and had to look it up a few times before I made sense of it! But, with Kirsty's help I realised 2 major ones for me and feel I have made a major shift. Since these revelations I got an unexpected bonus at work which enabled me to clear off the rest of my debt. Kirsty is very skilled at what she does, asking you lots of questions to help you find resolution. I look forward to working with her again."

Elaine Harcus
Reiki Healer

Join The IF Crowd

Join us today. The IF Crowd is the transformational tribe for those with a curious mind and open heart - for those who think and feel deeply. For those who live to grow. Cultivate the art and science of self-actualisation in a fun and accessible way that is designed specifically for you with no contract and a cancel anytime policy. Create the life you want, with a light heart and free mind. What IF... it begins here? In recognising that intuitive feeling that is saying... 'yes please!' Will you join us?

Membership is just £37 per month on a rolling basis (which you can cancel any time).


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