What IF....

your Sensitivity is your STRENGTH?  

Welcome to The IF Crowd - the personal development membership for Empaths, Creatives and Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs).

✨Manifestation, Transformation, Illumination✨ 

The IF Crowd is the transformational tribe for those who think and feel deeply. It is an online membership where your unique sensitivities are celebrated, supported and nurtured as the creative, intuitive strengths they truly are. 

Members engage with a unique blend of the sacred and the scientific - practical insights drawn from ancient mystery schools, cutting-edge psychology and consciousness studies. Dive in to an array of live webinars, group coaching and discussions, self-study courses, meditations and visualisations - all to support your personal, purposeful creative projects in a way that suits you.

Learn exceptional skills and practices to truly support your wellbeing, nurture your intuition and harness your sensitivities - without compromise on your sensitivity. Essentially, this a place of practical metaphysics for real-life manifestation, transformation and personal illumination - designed for those who want to live deeply.


The IF Crowd has been intentionally created for those with a curious mind and open heart, for those who desire to live a purposeful life of expanded consciousness and deep interconnection with life, the universe and everything. It is for those adults who still wonder in awe at the 'big questions' and seek to experience that bigger reality which sits shining, glinting, smiling at us from all around. It is psycho-spirituality, modern mysticism for the sensitive seeker. It is for those who understand the power of asking... 'what if..?' 

Welcome to The IF Crowd.

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Ready to grow with the flow?

Are you a fellow deep thinker? With heightened emotional and maybe physical sensitivities too?  

Are you fed up being told you are an 'overthinker' who is 'too sensitive'? 🙄 We say nuts to that nonsense.

Your sensitivity is your Strength.

You know this.  We know this. 'They' might not... but hey, that's their lack - not yours. Honestly, we get it, deeply.

Perhaps you have super-senses that defy the norm too. You are not alone here. Our members often report things like being able to hear a mouse sneeze in the dead of night, or feel the memories of a total stranger on a bus, being a human barometer where they get headaches before a storm - and giddy when it breaks. Some see auras, can feel and use subtle energy and others just 'know' when someone is lying or untrustworthy. Many dream the future and know what their cat wants before it meows. This everyday heightened sensory experience, is our norm and if we choose to we can learn to use it.

The majority society tells us we are 'mistaken' or have a problem. In a way, we do... the problem is in them, the insensitivity of others, creating an empathy void where the empath feels alone. Ironic, right?

You are already whole.

Do you often wonder why you just feel so much? It can seem like you are drop of water lost in a vast sea; that if you go so deeply into the waters of 'what if..?' you aren't sure how you will swim back to the shore of normality - nor if you truly want to? And you keep wondering... how far could that ocean really take me?  Well, you are that ocean. Shore, drop, full depth and all. 

Do you also keep hearing the expression 'waking up' - used and totally overused so are wondering what it really means, for you as someone with already heightened awareness? And... just how many levels of awakening there are? 

You have Other ways of knowing...

Are you intrigued by manifestation techniques and the modern return to magical living? Does your intuition spark up and say yes! But your logic snuffs out the light before it can burn?

Do you long to shed that tight old skin that clings to familiarity and expectation, for authentic personal transformation? To be free to move toward your purpose, your own 'light' of illumination?

Have you spent much of your life so far explaining yourself, restricted in overwhelm, anxiety and self-doubt? Like there is this outside pressure keeping you contained in a self that no-longer fits?

Have you tried all the clubs, groups, trends and pathways and yet found that no matter how open-minded and willing you are, you just never quite fit-in and that what's on offer honestly doesn't satisfy the depth of your inquiry?

Well, you have now found your tribe.

This is the membership for Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs) identifying as creatives, alternative thinkers, healers,  empaths and cosmic adventurers. This is your place to belong - a little portal in time and space that you can call home. Curated to support holistic growth, members transcend from ordinary to extra-ordinary as they Create personal life purpose and sustain their own meaningful mission. This is the place for expanded consciousness through which deep passion flows.

This is The IF Crowd.

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What you get...

Monthly Workshops


Monthly group online workshops exploring your deep psychology, interconnected reality, psi and expanded consciousness. Powerful and also upbeat, these sessions nurture your excitement for life,  grow and sustain your most meaningful purpose. 

Psi Development


Intuitive, embodied psi (psychic) development materials to cultivate and work with those innate and natural gifts of the psyche. From 'trusting your gut' to precognitive dreams, animal communication and everyday ESP... psi experience is very much in our toolkit.

Guided Meditations

Join our live sessions exploring mindfulness, imaginal journeying, creativity, deep relaxation, transpersonal experiences and more to discover depth within and expansion beyond your Self, with Kirsty and Special Guests.

Healing Circle


Come and relax, let go, give healing, recieve healing in our regular, informal group healing circle to learn and share techniques and offer time and space for valuable practice.

Paranormal Portal


Paranormal phenomena gives us a glimpse at a much larger reality. Explore in our dedicated section the ways in which encounters with 'others' may be more than meets the skeptical eye.

Catalyst Courses


Get deeply inspired with complete access to special interest courses, covering diverse topics e.g. manifesting, crystals, money, love and health. Ignite new passions, raise your vibration and grow your perspective.

Self-Study Portal


24/7 access to explore at your own pace, with the online IF self-study materials, full of fascinating insights, tips and self-inquiry tools to guide your personal expansion. Download the unique worksheets and audio files for offline practice and fun.

Guest Experts


Incredible minds share with you their insights, experiences and expertise in their self-study 'catalyst courses' and in special live webinars with your chance to ask your questions too.


✨ Well, Hello! I'm Kirsty ✨ 

(the bit about who the chuff I am... and what I'm doing here)

Avant-garde adventurer, author of IF and instigator of The IF Crowd, I'm your friendly, cat-loving, transformation guide. My mission is to see you explore the deep and expansive reality of who you really are - way beyond the identities (and anxieties) you have likely collected thus far.

This is a space I've intentionally created to completely share my own weird and wonderful 'waking up' insights, deep learning and research. My knack for 'words' means I've been able to distil it all in a memorable style of practical metaphysics - a useful toolkit for manifestation, transformation and personal illumination. 

This is my purpose - to illuminate beauty and brilliance in you. To unveil the inherent potential you have to truly Create and nurture your best, most happy, purposeful, meaningful life. I live openly and joyfully in the avant-garden of life, charmed by curiosity, always exploring new ground and holding that space for others to grow. 

Join us today to begin a new direction in your life. 

✨ ‘Illumination is my middle name’ ✨

(...it's Lucinda... 😉 )

My own adventures have evolved through this process of curiosity, of always asking 'What if...?' so as to continually expand and grow in both person and potential. My portfolio of personal achievement attests to this: I am a successful arts leader, considered to be a genuine cultural change-maker having largely instigated and led the burlesque renaissance in the UK. I'm also a post-graduate scholar of transpersonal and parapsychology, an empathic therapist/mental healer, explorer of philosophy and genuinely an experiencer of psi (psychic) phenomena and cosmic consciousness.

See below for media, publishing and places I've featured as a thinker, writer, speaker and general maker of change:

✨ Testimonials ✨

"Kirsty’s depth and versatility of experience makes working with her insightful and really fun. She creates a supportive space and has a knack of being able to connect many perspectives and potentials in the ‘big picture’, which for creatives can be a headache when we’re too close to our work. That gift of clarity is a significant one for people working in a career based in self expression, and I’d highly recommend Kirsty."

Immodesty Blaize
Celebrity Showgirl, Author & Mentor

"Kirsty is a person who makes you see the world from points of view you've never even considered. She asks subtle, self-reflective questions in a surreptitious way that allows you to search within yourself for answers that are bursting to come forward but haven’t ever been given the right nudge up until that point. Without meeting Kirsty I would not have been exposed to the vast amount of creative nourishment I never even knew I needed at the time. Through conversations with Kirsty I have explored many new concepts, arts and philosophies. I have been inspired to read new genres of books I didn’t even know I would enjoy. I have been places and met people who are utterly amazing and I never even knew they existed. Not every conversation is easy with Kirsty, as I said, she makes you search within yourself and that can sometimes be incredibly difficult to face your own truth head on. But by enabling yourself to go through this and explore your own world within, you discover a beautiful internal landscape. I will always be eternally grateful to Kirsty for coming into my life and teaching me such a lot. Not just about art, culture and philosophy, but about my own soul. She is unlike anyone I have ever met before and I am unlikely to meet anyone like her again."

Katie Franklin
Art Photographer

"I've known and worked with Kirsty for many years. She's built several businesses, inspired cultural change, promoted creative well-being, mentored, published and all in all lived a rich life centred on compassion, inquiry, purpose and holding on to a light heart. For my part, I’ve gained insights into motivation and creative courage for business and team building. And Kirsty’s grounding in practical change can involve extraordinary reframing of perspective. Just ask her about thought leadership and Messiah 4.0."

Kieron O'Toole
Business Consultant

"Kirsty is multi-talented and very knowledgeable. Her easy and thoughtful way is very encouraging. I gained many skills from her. Very reliable and quick to respond in a non judgemental fashion. A forward thinking and progressive individual. Her ideas are numerous and come quickly, truly inspiring. I am extremely grateful for the kind way in which Kirsty helped me improve my trans identity. Diligent and committed are words that spring to mind, with maturity of someone much older. Kirsty helped me gain direction and focus on my future self employment. Thank you Kirsty! x"

Julie Flora

"I really enjoyed being part of the IF Crowd. Kirsty made this group a really safe space for people to share their experiences of their manifesting journey. I loved that it was a small group and we had time to get to know one another and there was a lovely feeling of mutual support which I wasn’t expecting from a zoom group. Kirsty has a wonderful way of explaining quite in-depth psychological concepts so that everyone is on the same page and equally can feel comfortable to ask questions - particularly 'how does this relate to me' and 'what I’m going through now'? There was a nice balance in the delivery in that sometimes we were quietly reflecting, meditating, drawing/journaling or sharing back, so the sessions always shot by! I would absolutely recommend this group to anyone who feels stuck and like they aren’t moving forwards. It’s hard if you can’t see the wood for the trees and sometimes you need some help to stop, take stock and feel part of a tribe, which is exactly what IF Crowd has done for me."

Sylvia Hunt
Creative Mindfulness Teacher

"The post for joining the IF Crowd resonated with me because I felt I was indeed stuck. I have kept my vibrations high with affirmations, gratitudes, essential oils, crystals and kindness etc but didn't feel I was attracting abundance. It didn't know what a paradox was and had to look it up a few times before I made sense of it! But, with Kirsty's help I realised 2 major ones for me and feel I have made a major shift. Since these revelations I got an unexpected bonus at work which enabled me to clear off the rest of my debt. Kirsty is very skilled at what she does, asking you lots of questions to help you find resolution. I look forward to working with her again."

Elaine Harcus
Reiki Healer

✨ The IF Book ✨ 

(kinda where it all began.. a quick and easy read too!)

What if... you already have all the abilities to manifest the life you DO want? What if you could transform all that intense energy of worry in to creative will?
You absolutely can.

Learning to hear and understand those inner experiences we dismiss as ‘Anxiety’, gives us incredible clarity on who we REALLY are - and guides us to truly transform.

What if you could grow far beyond your most beautiful imagination?

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Cultivating the art and science of modern mysticism allows you to manifest the life you want, to transform your being to fully live that life - and to find personal illumination as you create your purpose. It begins within - it begins with your intuition. The IF Crowd is the transformational tribe for those with a curious mind and open heart - for those who think and feel deeply. For those who live to grow. This is the place for creative leaders, social change-makers and cosmic adventurers to belong - a little portal in time and space you can call home, on your own inspirational terms.


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