What is the Programme?

July Cohort kicks off on 4th July 2024.  

This is a personal development programme designed for small groups of sensitive, aspirational people who want clarity and empowerment within - so they can actively manifest tangible outcomes and purpose. The aim is for you to embrace your subtle skills and use those depth talents to your advantage - in your personal and professional life.

This programme involves live coaching and a suite of courses designed to provide guided structure:

The material is a blend of professional coaching, psycho-spiritual insight and cutting-edge scientific research. It has been specifically created for highly sensitive people to do and achieve three things:

  1. Identify and resolve inner conflict at a depth level
    i.e. Self-doubt, Anxiety, Imposter Syndrome and more... 
  2. Uncover and¬†cultivate your natural gifts, your ‚ÄėInnate Magic‚Äô¬†
    i.e. Creativity and Manifesting, Empathy, Intuition and Psi (unusual capacities of Sensing, Prediction and Affecting)... 
  3. Leverage¬†this¬†‚ėĚÔłŹ to design and make real, your unique project, because as we create, we¬†create ourselves :)¬†

    Your project has no 'rules' - it is entirely YOURS. It can be small and personal or big and public, and everything in between. From personal blog or artwork to launching a book or business, as long as it is meaningful to you, anything goes....

Your project...

You don't need to be clear on what this is yet... it will emerge in the process. It is good to be open and flexible to what this will become as this is a process of emergence. Some people do start with a very specific idea and some don't, some have a project that is already underway but 'stuck', and sometimes a specific project develops into a radically different one! It's all good.
e.g. produce an artwork, or performance, write a poem or book, design a course or card deck, curate a garden patch or study space, launch a niche blog or podcast, create an online business or community project… it's entirely your choice and it will be led by your unfolding insight gained along the way. 


Why sign up? 

Quite simply because the world needs sensitive, empathic, brilliant people like you - to step up and step forward. We are the natural sages, the healers, the natural thought-leaders who can re-enchant this anxious world. Do you feel it? 

  • Is it time to get properly un-stuck - and start living fully?
  • Do you need to¬†get¬†an idea out of your head /heart - and in to the world?¬†¬†¬†
  • Do you desire to make waves¬†(even gentle ones!) in your in your genre, field¬†or community?¬†
  • Do you also yearn for this deep sense of lasting purpose within yourself?¬†

If so, this your invitation to talk with me - because I really do want to know all about it, whatever stage you are at.

Whether it's an initial sparkle of an idea, a creation that is 'stuck' in a process - or a mission you have already begun. I'm here to support you, over a meaningful 12 week journey to bring you and your project out of hiding within - and in to the light for everyone's benefit.  

This is all about you empowering yourself by harnessing your sensitivity as your greatest strength. I say this because it is important to me, that the IF Crowd is an active, growth-oriented collective where all our members are: motivated, willing to be (at least a little!) bold, willing to take positive risks and to claim their adventurous spirit. 

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More detail..?

ūüĎÄ Let‚Äôs take a¬†deeper look...¬†ūüĎĬ†

We will go deep on: who we are, our challenges, our gifts. 

Importantly, all aspects are framed around the overall aim - your intention to manifest your most joyful life, to truly Create in the world and and really feel connected to it. 

I believe that as sensitive people our resting state of being requires us to accept and celebrate our sensing, feeling and ‚Äėknowing‚Äô beyond the norm. This creates a necessary two-sided coin of value. On one side, we have our challenges and on the other, we have the (vastly overlooked) advantages. What value your personal coin holds, will be up to you to determine... it may simply be determined by what you do with it.

Let's have a look:

Who we are…

Explore what it means to be someone who thinks and feels deeply, highly sensitive, highly empathic, and acutely aware of the subtle interactions of life, the universe and everything. We will begin to identify your innate natural 'magic‚Äô including memory, creativity, intuition, empathy, synchronicity and more‚Ķ and learn necessary self-care as well as self-development. Learn that you are not ‚Äėtoo¬†sensitive‚Äô, rather¬† instead, you are¬†highly¬†and even¬†extra-sensory perceptive.¬†ūüĎᬆ

Our challenges... 

Unpack what anxiety really is for the sensitive person - and see why¬†feeling anxious, being in perpetual self-doubt¬†or overwhelm¬†is¬†actually an important yet paradoxical part of this journey. It's not the straight-up 'problem' you've been likely told it is, that needs 'managing' or curing - it's a manifestation of your need for depth and connection in an environment that lacks it. This is likely¬†why¬†your prevailing¬†self-sabotage, lack of self-esteem or Imposter Syndrome¬†aren't resolved yet. We will examine what holds us back from actively using our talents and weaving that magic in the world. We will then begin to resolve our experience of anxiety from a totally fresh perspective of depth. You will learn how we can come to transform self-doubt, procrastination and¬†perfectionism by actively¬†transmuting¬†all the inherent raw emotional, physical, mental and spiritual energy into fuel for your creative will -¬†which is made up of your innate gifts.¬†ūüĎᬆ

Our gifts... 

Discover how you are a natural manifestor - you have acute skills of¬†Knowing¬†and¬†Affecting. Maybe you really are a little‚Ķ 'psi-curious'? Investigate your naturally enhanced intuitive and¬†psi capacities¬†through cutting-edge parapsychological research findings, transpersonal psychology - and active practices. We will learn how our sensitivity relates to our ability to slide through altered states of consciousness and experience subtle sensory phenomena including psychic and mystical contents. We will learn how these contemporary scientific ideas actually support ancient mystery school wisdom - and how to apply these insights personally to leverage the dual aspects of psi - ‚ÄėESP and PK‚Äô e.g. clairvoyance, prediction and visioning (ESP) and healing, influencing and manifesting (PK).¬†ūüĆé

Your guide

Hi, it's me Kirsty - founding member of the IF Crowd¬†ūüĎ謆

I am a certified professional HSP coach (and self-help therapist). Also, a successful community leader and trend predictor.... and, I am a university academic in psychology with specialist research areas of high sensitivity and psi (psychic phenomena). I am in a unique position to be your guide!

My mission is simple: to hold an informed, safe and nurturing space for you to expand your awareness of your own amazing potential - and do something truly great with it. 

Your guide

Sylvia Hunt is a mind-body therapist and personal development coach. She is a certified mindfulness teacher and a Mindfulness Based Clinical Hypno-psychotherapist and, an advanced Pilates instructor. With a strong background in the arts as a writer, performer and maker of puppetry, Sylvia will guide you on inner-world exploration through stories, characters and adventures to focus your direction and drive, by connecting both on an imaginative and sensory level. 

Programme Structure

The programme is a hybrid of online live sessions and self-study. 
July cohort kicks off on 4th July 2024. 

It is fun, insightful and really quite exciting with lots of thinking, feeling and sensing as you engage by watching, listening, reflecting, sharing, writing, drawing, doodling... crack open the stationary cupboard... your favourite pens and sparkle paint are very welcome here :D

You will receive:

  • access to an online self-paced study portal which you will log-in to here, on this website. Materials will be released as your progress through to ensure pace and flow.

  • invitations to online-group sessions held on a private link. There will be:

    - 12 live 90-minute, group workshop sessions (1 per week) led by Kirsty, and special guests too. These are the 'core' sessions of the programme. These typically start at 7pm BST / 8pm CEST / 11am PDT / 2pm EDT.

    (if you can't attend the lives at the time, no problem! Send in any questions in advance to be read out. You can then catch the replays anytime. There will always be support available to you, so you don't miss anything.)

    - regular live meditative adventures, facilitated by wellbeing professional and artist Sylvia Hunt. These imaginal journeys are to creatively explore and intuit the direction of both your personal development and your project. Join in and /or catch the replays anytime.

    - ad-hoc open-coaching and practice sessions i.e. dream interpretation, discovering your psi-style, clairvoyance practice, archetype and identity play sessions, and more... :D

    - peer support in an online forum, Facebook group and messenger group. Participation here is entirely optional though recommended 

All live sessions will be led by Kirsty and Sylvia 

  • ¬†one to one coaching
    You will also be invited to take up a one-to-one session with Kirsty (at whatever point in the programme you choose).

  • ¬†a pdf copy of IF (the book that started it all :P )
    …and more!

  • Collaborators and guest experts¬†such as...


See some of our supporters, collaborators and special guests here :)

Jules de Vitto

Jules de Vitto (Highly Sensitive Humans) is globally regarded as a guiding figure in sensitivity. She is an expert HSP coach (and professional coach trainer). An emotional counsellor specialising in HSPs she will guide us in depth work on our emotional challenges and self-regulation.  

Dr Cal Cooper

Associate Professor Cal Cooper explains the rich, compelling and meticulous scientific data supporting psychic phenomena. Learn the facts and enjoy Q&A to accept your experiences as genuine human capacities.

Immodesty Blaize

Body Compassion mentor, author, celebrated performance artist, fashion figure and influencer, Immodesty Blaize leads us on mind-body connection and self image. How we might 'unmask' to heal what lies beneath the appearance we present.


Founded by Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell, IONS is at the forefront of consciousness research and spiritual science and as suportors of our work, they are inviting us to collaborate in a study looking at intuition and noetic experience.

Monroe Institute

Founded in 1971 by Robert A. Monroe, the Monroe Institute is widely recognized as a leading center for exploring expanded states of consciousness.  They invented 'hemisynch' and the binaural beats concept and... they are collaborating on special tracks for us :)


Continuing the legacy of the P.E.A.R. lab and psychokinesis research this scientific group explore consciousness as a 'field' using both technology and spiritual practices. 

What you get

On signing up you are guaranteed:

ūüíę Your place on the 12 week programme¬†(value:¬†¬£937)

ūüíę Immediate access to the first materials (we release them at a pace over the programme)¬†

ūüíꬆMembership in the IF Crowd for the year which includes networking, practice sessions and social events
(Value: £37 p/m, £444 p/a)

ūüíę Invitation for your one to one, 90-minute coaching session (value:¬†¬£90 )

ūüíę Access to¬†bonus¬†'Catalyst Courses' made by guests to inspire you in even more ways!

ūüíꬆExclusive offers and invites for products and services

ūüíę Hugs from across the aether when we sense you have signed up! Your joining will support¬†the¬†mission of sensitivity led research, education and events :P

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Financial Sensitivity


Accessibility is important to us. A limited number of Scholarships and flexible payment plans are available.
Just fill out the form here with a little info about yourself, to inquire :) 

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Let Sensitivity be your STRENGTH

Take on the 12 week programme for transformation, manifestation and personal illumination. Resolve the challenges and leverage your innate magic to create deep, lasting purpose.

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