33 easy (and inexpensive) ways to get your manifesting mojo back

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Some days things just feel off. You know everything you "should" do to create your best life, but your usual routine isn't making you feel the high vibe you'd hoped. Here are 33 of our go-to tips for getting back on top again when things feel a little flat.

1. Take a mindful walk somewhere with natural abundance
2. Visit a butterfly centre - butterflies are high vibe, joyful, transformational, and abundant!                                                           
3. Make yourself some really fancy looking food (think 8 course tasting menu, super cute mini desserts, whatever you would love to have in a super high-end restaurant
4. Out in nature, take the time to notice and really focus on jewel colours - sapphire ocean? Emerald leaves? Ruby red roses? Soak up the opulence of nature!
5. Declutter a room and focus on creating a splash of abundant colours (red through to purple and gold are all great).
6. Head to a local marina to see all the yachts and daydream about adventures
7. Visit local stables (or a field) and connect with some local horses
8. Go stargazing
9. Have an awesome, pampersome bath (or shower) with a homemade salt scrub, candles, and manifesting essential oils
10. Go to bed early
11. Get rid of the worst of everything, from your old pants to your chipped plates.
12. Start using your best of everything more often, and more mindfully.
13. Buy a lovely plate and cup. You don't need a full set - just have one that you adore, and appreciate it.
13. Drink more water - you're body will not feel abundant if you are dehydrated, no matter what wealth is around you
14. Eat the rainbow - the more colourful your plate is with veggies and fruits, the more your body will thank you for the abundance, by creating more!
15. Wear great underwear. Especially RED great underwear!
16. Go to a department store and practice (i.e. not buying, just trying) shopping for clothes and other things you would love to have.                                                         
17. You can also do this with houses - view with the intent to raise your vibration to match the level of living you encounter there, not to torture yourself for not having anything. You don't have it YET. But you can!
18. Put fresh, ironed linen on your bed.
19. Check out local events to find free activities, from gallery exhibitions to owl handling sessions, there are all kinds of things on throughout the year that increase your vibration simply by being new and expansive experiences.
20. Go to a department store and get a free makeover from your favourite cosmetics
21. Wake up early and watch the sunrise
22. Meditate and/or do yoga in nature
23. Put a wash-in colour through your hair
24. Take the day off and go hiking
25. Start a Pinterest inspiration board and curate images that make you feel excited about the future
26. Watch an inspiring video online. Some places to start: Goalcast, TED talks, anything by Brene Brown or Abraham Hicks.
27. Dance around the kitchen while you clean to some epic tunes!
28. Give yourself a super lush coconut hair mask worth of a spa, with coconut oil
29. Head to a local pool with a sauna or steam room for some inexpensive quality "me" time
30. Plan a meal exchange with a friend so you each cook one day, and eat like a queen on the other.
31. Give 11 things to charity, to activate transformation and the wealthy vibes that come with knowing you can afford to help someone in need out
32. Donate Christmas gifts to a sick kids hospital or respite for the elderly.
33. Valet your car and make it sparkle and smell lovely


by Dr Morgana McCabe Allan


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