33 easy (and inexpensive) ways to get your manifesting mojo back

Some days things just feel off. You know everything you "should" do to create your best life, but your usual routine isn't making you feel the high vibe you'd hoped. Here are 33 of our go-to tips for getting back on top again when things feel a little flat.

1. Take a mindful walk somewhere with natural abundance
2. Visit a butterfly centre - butterflies are high vibe, joyful, transformational, and abundant!

3. Make yourself some really fancy looking food (think 8 course tasting menu, super cute mini desserts, whatever you would love to have in a super high-end restaurant
4. Out in nature, take the time to notice and really focus on jewel colours - sapphire ocean? Emerald leaves? Ruby red roses? Soak up the opulence of nature!
5. Declutter a room and focus on creating a...

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3 Manifesting Mistakes to Fix so You can Live a Life of Joy and Abundance

We live in a culture of fast content. And that means most people's manifesting has actually been a bit of a hotch-potch. Yes, there are lots of courses out there, but they're mostly offered by people who are hoping to manifest their success by teaching you to manifest your success.


Whilst it's not always a bad thing, for someone who is a little further forwards to teach others, it's not always a good thing either. There are huge pieces of the conversation around what manifesting really is, and how the material and immaterial world around us fit into it, when everyone is working with the same few people and teaching the same few techniques over and over again. As someone with a PhD on mindset and manifesting (an actual PhD, not a self-proclaimed one) which I manifested that troubles me. When I say I manifested it, I mean I manifested an incredible history of funding and research prizes, and contributions to my field that allowed to me choose the PhD topic and supervisors...

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