How we Make Ourselves in the Mess: Practice is Better than Perfect

There’s a story I tell A LOT to heart-led, service-centred entrepreneurs and coaches who have been going around in circles and struggling to make real money in their business for a while, but honestly, it's relevant to everyone who is trying to achieve success of any kind in their lives. Before I worked with entrepreneurs I worked with postgraduates, and it was just as valuable to them too. 

Everybody needs to hear this, at least once. I needed to hear it once too, a long time ago when I was a masters student. And you deserve to hear it too.

It comes from Art & Fear: Observations on the perils (and rewards) of artmaking (D. Bayles and T. Orland 2012).

And an art teacher. Who split his class into two groups. One would be graded on QUALITY. To get an A+ they each needed one perfect pot.

The other group was to be graded on QUANTITY. They needed about 50 lbs each of pottery to get that gold star grade, but the good news was those pots could be sh*t. As long as it was...

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3 Manifesting Mistakes to Fix so You can Live a Life of Joy and Abundance

We live in a culture of fast content. And that means most people's manifesting has actually been a bit of a hotch-potch. Yes, there are lots of courses out there, but they're mostly offered by people who are hoping to manifest their success by teaching you to manifest your success.


Whilst it's not always a bad thing, for someone who is a little further forwards to teach others, it's not always a good thing either. There are huge pieces of the conversation around what manifesting really is, and how the material and immaterial world around us fit into it, when everyone is working with the same few people and teaching the same few techniques over and over again. As someone with a PhD on mindset and manifesting (an actual PhD, not a self-proclaimed one) which I manifested that troubles me. When I say I manifested it, I mean I manifested an incredible history of funding and research prizes, and contributions to my field that allowed to me choose the PhD topic and supervisors...

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