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Why do Empaths attract Psychopaths?

Are you highly empathic - yet seem to deeply attract/be attracted to… psychopaths?

Ever wondered about this ironic dynamic? Here’s a little theory of mine about why highly empathic people (let’s say ‘Empaths’ for ease of use) often end up in abusive, gaslighting relationships with narcissists, sociopaths - and out-right psychopaths*.

I’ve been pondering on this a long time and (un)fortunately, have offered it to a number of clients in therapeutic sessions. The lightbulb moments I’ve witnessed have been a joy to share in, like seeing a beautiful bird released from a cage or at least, in seeing there is a door. So, I’m sharing this pretty simple theory because I think there are a lot of highly sensitive people who will benefit from the perspective. It is based on a combination of direct experience, professional practice and scholarly research.

*(The term ‘psychopath’ is contentious and generally refers to anti-social...

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