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Many Types and Lines of Intelligence - why you are smarter than you know

What is intelligence? How do you know how smart you are?
'Multiple intelligences' (concept developed by Howard Gardner) or 'lines of development' (Ken Wilber) refer generally to how we understand, appreciate, value, organise and utilise knowledge and experience in our own unique ways. Our culture tends tot favour and praise very limited lines, especially those traditionally associated with academia. 

Thankfully, society is moving forward with a more enlightened approach to other ways of knowing, doing and being.  So what if... you are much smarter, much more capable than you ever thought? 
(hint... you are!)
Here are some guidelines to get you pondering on wider and deeper levels about your own talents and also to perhaps spot areas to work on to help overcome hurdles too. I'm listing all I can identify, not what I personally propose to have any ontological 'truth' per se.
I have alphabetised them as I believe that they...
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