Philosophy & Manifesting: Is There A Link?

- written by Jessica McKenzie

Manifesting is the ability to bring something physical into your life through the practice of attraction and belief. 

 Philosophy is “the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence.”  - Definition from Oxford Languages.

Manifestation is becoming increasingly popular with the generations of today, and it is becoming more and more commonly practiced wherever we may turn. Manifestation is traditionally used to be able to change your life, and to guide you into living the life that you so very deserve to live - your best life. It is used to bring something physical to you whether that may be a new career, money, a new home, partner, marriage or pet! We manifest through the art of believing and using our thoughts and energy to create our own personal reality. 

Philosophy is used to try and explain multiple areas and corners of the life and world that we are living in - in every aspect possible....

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