The Magical Language of Flowers

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Floriography is the ‘language of flowers’.

A beautiful word in itself isn't it!? Pronounced 'flor-ee-o-graphy'.... 

For thousands of years, from the Romans to the Victorians, plants and flowers have been laden with symbolism. Their types, colours, forms and formations, scents and genders are all used to communicate nuanced, encoded messages and to convey deep feelings – particularly love and romance. 

This practice of symbolism, emotional resonance all encased in the beauty of nature makes them our perfect manifesting ally! 

Different species, are chosen for their individual colours, scents, shapes, mythologies and stories – as expressed in their petals, vines, leaves and stems. Here, where nature and symbolism join, we can dare to be a little more adventurous than we perhaps would with a pen and card. If vision boards or journaling aren't your thing, why not create statements of your intentions with flowers, plants and trees?

I often feature this gorgeous purple hydrangea in relation to 'manifesting' - because purple hydrangeas represent abundance and people coming together :) Of course, we have merged our flower with stars and space to represent universal potential too.

 Co-create with horticulture! Hedge-witches and green witches alike will tell you of the deep affinity they have in working with their hands, with nature. You don't have to be creating amazing, expensive bouquets, you could instead be planting and cultivating your new manifesting familiars in their own pots on your windowsill, in your garden in a secret place or, by your front door in public declaration.    

With floriography we make bold enigmatic statements in colour, ask big questions in style and sing out our celebrations in scent. With endless creativity to explore, we can very thoughtfully and eloquently ‘speak’ using flowers (plants).

Here is a very short list to get you thinking and feeling.

Colours in Roses:

  • Red Rose - deep love, sacrifice
  • Pink - affection, joy, friendship
  • White - spirituality, purity, new beginnings
  • Orange - enthusiasm
  • Yellow - wisdom

More sentiments and popular flowers:

  • Aspire - Campanula
  • Be Happy - Shasta Daisy
  • Commitment-Ranunculus
  • Communication- Delphinium
  • Compassion - Scottish Primrose
  • Congratulations - Jasmin
  • Death - Yew
  • Gentle Question - Heather
  • Good luck - Sweet Pea
  • Home Making - Holly
  • love eternal - Orange blossom
  • Mental Healing - Hellebore
  • Purity -Chrysanthemum
  • Romance - Peony
  • Secret - fern
  • Trust - white heather

For example, we can….

• Make a statement of identity of who you are and are becoming...

• Reveal an encoded secret for you and the universe to share

• Ask an important question or invite certain energies to you

• Capture your desired personality traits, lifestyle, or name (

• Send celebration messages to invoke more joy (e.g. Happy Birthday, Good Luck, New Baby…)

• Symbolise historical events to mark peace, progress and resolution (e.g. Armistace Day, commemoration of a battle).

• Celebrate festivals that help you to manifest (e.g. Purim, Easter, Duvali, Bacchanalia, PRIDE…)

• Represent another person (or company’s) style or mission that you are aligned with and want more of (e.g. Equal Rights, Teamwork, Eco-warriors).

• Encourage yours or someone else’s aspirations, passions or hobbies (e.g. artist, writer…)

• Show community spirit and nurture your own sense of giving and receiving (new beginnings, shared spaces, local craft fairs…)

 Why not take a ‘leaf’ out of the floral dictionary. The possibilities are endless - as poetry in petals. From bud to blossom in this digital age of emoticons and text-speak, more than ever we need to be able to express our feelings creatively, personally and in a way that symbolises us as individuals in nature, connected to our earth and to one another through our roots.

What intentional spells and messages will you grow and show through your gifts, your home and your garden?


Psi for now Ψ


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