Turn Anxious habits in to Manifesting skills 

anxiety manifesting techniques mental skills psychology Feb 01, 2021

Anxious thinking and anxious behaviour patterns can be very destructive and absolutely get in the way of manifesting practice. This is because they orient us toward what we do NOT want, what we fear and are trying to avoid. Totally ironic, right?

So it's actually a problem of direction - not so much the 'what' you are doing or thinking - it's the orientation of those thoughts and actions that affects the outcomes.

What if... you can turn the actual habits themselves around to our best use? You absolutely can.

Think about your anxious thoughts, physical sensations, behaviours and emotions. Not so much as worries but what matters to you. e.g. If you worry about the safety of your cat, perhaps dig down to see what that's 'all about'... perhaps it is showing you that you have a deep value for animal companionship? Or, perhaps you worry about getting along with your colleagues and boss? Perhaps instead of focussing on the fear of fitting in, you focus instead on your deep desire for true belonging?

What are your thoughts and behaviours telling you about who you are, right now? What are those core values and what change do you want to be and see in life? What is the potential within you and in the world around you?

Now that you are your own ally, what will you do differently?

Of course, you are not on your own.


Read through this list of habits and see how many apply to you:

  • Planning
    (alternative road routes because there might be an accident or roadblock or an emergency situation)
  • Mental Rehearsal
    (to avoid flupping up, embarrassing yourself or or in case of an emergency situation)
  • Emotional Intelligence
    (reading the situations of others)
  • Empathic sensitivity
    (overwhelmed by interacting with others who probably see your stress and tears as emotional ‘weakness’)
  • Use of ritual
    (superstitious mumbo-jumbo that takes up all your time because you need it to feel ‘right’ before you can do X,Y or Z)
  • Mind-body connectivity
    (overwhelmed by noticing changes in the body that suggest illness and death… or maybe just impending mortal embarrassment)
  • Creative thinking
    (just can’t stop thinking about all the terrible that might happen and/or the many interpretations of what they meant when they said….)
  • Imagination
    (All the terrible horrendous detail in full HD with surround-sound and… the astronomical consequences that will unfold) 

But what If…

You are actually sitting on a goldmine of ‘super-psyche skills’? It’s just that you are erm, doing it in the wrong direction?

How about instead of focussing on the 'problem' you are trying to solve or prevent with those habits, you turn them toward manifesting what you DO want? 



  • Planning
    (clarity of direction, strategist)
  • Mental Rehearsal
    (enhances memory and performance focus)
  • Emotional Intelligence
    (reading and responding well to the situations of others, a huge indicator of success in life btw…)
  • Empathic sensitivity
    (emotional connectivity)
  • Use of ritual
    (for highly focused visualization, intention and goal setting)
  • Mind-body connectivity
    (self-awareness, healing, aligned action)
  • Creative thinking
    (innovation, problem solving)
  • Imagination
    (you can reach for and grasp the stars - and way beyond, limitless potential,)


Look back over those skills and consider what employer, lover, community, business, audience… would NOT want those in you?

Do you know who would chew their own arms off for this set of skills? Everyone. Everyone who wants to take charge of manifesting their best and most fulfilling lives, from  entrepreneurs, athletes, performing artists, scientists to politicians and social leaders. It’s time to embrace who you are right now - all of it - and put it all to good, purposeful aligned use. Look forward in the right direction, the direction of growth and apply your awesome.


Psi for now Ψ






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